Have You Been the Victim of Finger Pointing?

is your IT service provider to blame?

No one likes to be blamed for something they did not do.

No one likes to be blamed for something they did not do. However, IT people, software companies and ISPs seem to have raised it to an art form. They point fingers at each other and business people are stuck in the middle with IT infrastructure that does not work.

For example, you may have software that is not working properly. Your IT team says that it is a bug with the software. You contact the software company and they tell you that your network is not configured correctly. No one actually solves the problem, so you are stuck with software that does not work.

In my experience, there is really only one good solution to the problem. Your IT team needs to take ownership, even if the problem is with the software or the ISP. They need to contact the software company or ISP and make sure everyone is clear about the problem and potential solutions. Then, they need work through the problem until it is solved.

If your IT team is not willing to take ownership of all of your IT problems, then maybe it is time to consider a different option for your IT support.

About Skyriver IT
Skyriver IT delivers frustration-free IT. We provide small and midsize companies with the information they need to make better IT and business decisions. If you would like to discuss how we can help make your IT frustration free, please feel free to call  (858) 812-9322 or visit www.SkyriverIT.com

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