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Have You Been the Victim of Finger Pointing?

No one likes to be blamed for something they did not do. However, IT people, software companies and ISPs seem to have raised it to an art form. They point fingers at each other and business people are stuck in … Continue reading

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Avoid 3 Common IT Mistakes Biotech Companies Make

Do you find that the IT needs of biotech companies are different than many other industries? I certainly do. Biotech businesses are very dependent on the information they produce and gather.  Whether developing a new drug or a faster testing … Continue reading

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3 Reasons to Consider CIO Services for 2013

While not all organizations can benefit from Chief Information Officer (CIO) Services, which helps translate the organization’s business goals into IT goals, there are many situations where companies could benefit. Here are three situations when you should consider using CIO … Continue reading

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Gearing Up for Growth? Don’t Cut Corners

Are you gearing up for growth? A lot of the companies I talk to are really starting to feel things turn around and are moving their focus from survival to growth. As you are planning for growth, be sure you … Continue reading

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A Simple Way to Get More from Your IT Spend

It’s fun to have the latest smart phone or the newest iPad, isn’t it? While we can argue that some features increase our productivity, it is mostly the draw of the ‘latest and greatest’ that motivates us to buy. While … Continue reading

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Minimize IT Frustration with Server Virtualization

It’s an unfortunate reality, but servers go down. The key to reducing frustrations around it is to eliminate or minimize the disruption it causes your business. The secret is to not be reliant on a single physical server. That is … Continue reading

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Is Your IT Technician a Salesperson in Disguise?

Is your IT technician really a salesperson in disguise? While you may expect them to be a trusted advisor, more and more IT companies are training their technicians on how to sell more products and services, rather than training them … Continue reading

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