Looking for New Office Space? Consider Broadband Speeds when Making your Decision.

Whether you are looking at new space because you are growing, you are downsizing (hopefully not), or just because it is time to renew your lease, be sure to consider your internet connection options. Far too often, companies sign a lease then look at their internet options. After it is too late, they find that there are no good internet options or the wiring in the building will not support high enough speeds.

Good bandwidth is important for productivity. As more companies move to cloud services, employees need sufficient bandwidth just to be able to get their work done in a timely manner. As a business manager, the last thing you want is $50,000+ per year employees sitting around waiting for their applications to load.

Before you sign a new lease, do your due diligence on broadband speeds for the location:

1. Ask the landlord what internet service providers are connected to the
building and what cabling is installed in the building (ideally you want fiber).
2. Contact at least 2 of the internet service providers and confirm that
they can provide high-speed service to that location.
3. If there are other tenants in the building, speak with them about their
broadband speeds, keeping in mind what their needs are compared to yours.

One other option for frustration-free leasing is to work with a tenant rep, such as Hughes Marino http://www.hughesmarino.com (which we highly recommend). Their role is to help you think through all of the important issues for your new space, including broadband speeds.

About Skyriver IT
Skyriver IT delivers frustration-free IT. We provide small and midsize companies with the information they need to make better IT and business decisions. If you would like to discuss how we can help make your IT frustration free, please feel free to call (858) 812-9322 or visit http://www.SkyriverIT.com.

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