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How Long Do You Have to Wait for IT Support?

Does this sound familiar? Your computer is no longer connecting to the network and you have no idea why. You contact tech support and leave a voicemail. Tech support calls you back about 90 minutes later, but you are heading … Continue reading

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How Can Cloud Computing Reduce Your IT Costs?

Cloud computing is one of those terms that business owners hear a lot, but are not quite sure what it means and how they can leverage it. One form of cloud computing is using software as a service (SaaS). This … Continue reading

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Why we got into the business of IT Consulting

Before we got into the IT Services business, we realized that many companies were not happy with the service they were receiving by their current provider or their internal IT department.  We quickly learned that business owners and managers were … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Data Safe

Have you ever walked out into a parking lot and not been able to find your car? Your heart sinks, your stomach churns, your mind keeps repeating: “it’s got to be here somewhere, it’s got to be here somewhere…” That … Continue reading

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